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We offers our customers the ability to easily and securely accept credit card payments from their customers in real time over the Internet. You don't need to spend the time and money to set up your own secure server and transaction software. You can sell goods, services, e-products and memberships, just about anything online!

What does it cost?

There is a 1 time only set up fee of BD 50.00, after that you only pay for sales, sell nothing, pay nothing.
A 5.5% commission on each sale plus a BD 0.45 charge per sale.
There are no leases, no monthly fees, no application fees,no gateway fees,no additional card company or third party charges and no statement fees!!

How do I get paid?

Each accounting period is 15 days in length. A new period begins every 1st and 16th day of each month.
All transactions that occur within this period will be processed, and payment will be electronically deposited directly to your personal or business bank account as follows:

Payment for orders shipped between the 1st and the 15th of the month will be dispersed on or about the 16th of that month.

Payment for orders shipped between the 16th and the end of the month will be dispersed on or about the 1st of the following month.

You can accept visa card, master card, american express, diners club, citibank e-cards, jcb cards and online banking interfaces. icici payseal has been approved as a super/master merchant by citibank, icici bank, american express, uti bank, idbi bank, centurion bank and hdfc bank.

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